What a poor legacy

RE: 'Escarpment is 'on life support'; Approval of Dufferin expansion defies Niagara Escarpment Plan,' and 'City tries to save species from being lost forever' (Oct. 29).

Although the issues appear separately in this edition of The Spectator, it appears we are watching the death throes of the Niagara Escarpment unfold in its pages.

Columnist Joan Little writes about the Dufferin Aggregates quarry and the Niagara Escarpment Commission's approval of a plan which divides the escarpment. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Transportation wants to pave part of the escarpment for the 130-kilometre mid-peninsula highway.

Against such assaults, the City of Hamilton's attempt to recognize environmentally significant areas is admirable. But is it enough?

We're like peasants in a Third World country -- selling off our vital organs for immediate payoff. What a poor legacy to leave the next generation.

-- Claire Nicholson, Greensville.

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