Improve old roadways, don't build new highway

Oct. 26, 12:39 EDT

Re: Mid-peninsula highway

After much consideration, we do not agree with the new mid-peninsula highway that is proposed to be constructed between Highway 5 and No. 1 Sideroad.

Because its current proposed route will scale the escarpment, much of the protected land in this area will be destroyed.

These areas are environmentally sensitive, and the highway will be very detrimental to the environment.

Further more, people move to the country to be further away from highways, and the noise and the congestion of the city.

The rural lifestyle of southern Ontario should not be threatened by uncontrolled and poorly planned urban sprawl.

A suggestion to reduce the amount of highway congestion is to simply expand the capacity of the current major highways, and to provide better access through arterial roads to accommodate current and future traffic demands.

-- Brie Richards, Campbellville and Vicki Hector, Kilbride

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