Mayor wants new link to Hwy. 401

Oct. 11, 01:15 EDT
Mayor wants new link to Hwy. 401
Slams mid-peninsula plan in speech
Jason Misner
The Hamilton Spectator


Burlington Mayor Rob MacIsaac has reiterated his long-standing opinion that the mid-peninsula corridor is a bad idea.
During his State of the City address this week, he told city chamber and business members he recently had an informal meeting with the province to discuss the highway project.
MacIsaac said it was "clear to me" they don't understand why the city is still concerned with it.
"I tried to explain that, quite apart from our technical concerns, bringing forward (the $1.2-billion) mid-peninsula highway across the Niagara Escarpment insults the sensibilities of our citizens. It diminishes our identity as a city."
MacIsaac said the better option would be to connect the mid-peninsula corridor to Highway 401, then establish an "ambitious" transit system, with help from the federal and provincial governments.
The highway could open by 2011. A corridor has been identified as possibly running from Fort Erie on top of the escarpment to Hamilton, past Ancaster, Peter's Corners and Waterdown, then down the escarpment into Burlington to connect with Highway 407 near Walker's Line.

Here are some of the other highlights in the State of the City address:
* The city will continue working towards its policy of becoming debt-free.
* The city will be moving ahead with the $12-million construction of an underpass on Appleby Line, north of Upper Middle Road.
* The formation of a citizens' summit in February to address concerns about the city's rural-urban boundary.

Jason Misner, Hamilton Spectator.

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