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The Spectator Sept 26.
A Ministry of Transportation representative told Hamilton city council it will probably be about eight years before land acquisition can begin for the proposed Mid-Peninsula Highway from Fort Erie to Burlington.

Fred Leech, the MTO manager in charge of the project, answered questions from Councillors yesterday after presenting an overview of the planning for the highway and of the needs assessment process. The exact route hasn't been picked. "There are farm families whose lives are on hold for eight years," Councillor Murray Ferguson pointed out at the hearings sub-committee meeting, referring to those who could eventually face expropriation or bisection of their properties.

Councillor Dave Braden expressed skepticism about the consultation process, and asked what problem the proposed road addresses. The ministry says the highway is needed for reasons including growth in population, employment, trade and tourism.

The committee also heard from Dave Eckersley of Citizens Opposed to Paving the Escarpment (COPE). Eckersley said the proposed highway will be expensive, will damage the environment, and will affect people's health.

A staff report and recommendation on council's position is expected at the end of October.

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