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The short answer to the question of whether anyone can solve the problem of traffic is maybe - as in, maybe we can make a start. Every six years or so, Congress comes up with major legislation that provides billions of dollars to states for transportation. Next year, the Environment and Public Works Committee, which I chair, will craft a new bill for the next generation. One thing is clear: the answer isn't just more roads. We need all the modes working together, including an expanded national rail system, and smarter, more strategic investments. And we need to rely on local decision-making. New York has its traffic problems, but my home state, Vermont - with the second lowest population in the nation - does too. Some of my trips to the "big city" of Burlington take twice as long as in the good old days.

Senator Jim Jeffords, Washington, D.C.
From a letter to the New Yorker Magazine, Sept. 23, 2002.

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