Nothing to joke about

Hamilton spectator - Letter to the Editor June 27, 2003
RE: 'Picking a mid-pen option' (June 11).

The proposed mid-peninsula highway is a serious threat to natural and agricultural areas along its entire length.

It will promote urban sprawl in an area already faced with the many pressures of a growing population. In a post-Walkerton Ontario, it threatens to contaminate our groundwater.

This highway is not a laughing matter, as suggested by the writer's tongue-in-cheek/flippant comments in this article: "... They (Romans) killed obstreperous locals and didn't worry about environmental assessments. For better or worse, things are done differently in Ontario ..."

Such irreverent comments mar an otherwise informative piece that goes a long way towards enlightening Spectator readers regarding the threats and realities posed by the mid-pen.

For more information regarding opportunities to comment on this project, I encourage people to visit the following Web sites: (COPE can also be found at

-- Glenn Barrett, Hamilton.

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