Another toll road?

Mid-peninsula highway
The Hamilton Spectator - Susan McMaster (letter to the editor)

RE: 'For whom the toll rises; 'One road for the rich and one for the poor' (Jan. 3).

With the anger the provincial government faces from the public regarding ever-rising tolls on Highway 407, it is understandable that the Ministry of Transportation works so hard to be noncommittal when repeatedly asked if the planned mid-peninsula highway (MPH) will also be a toll road.

Despite its denials that any decision on tolls has been made, the ministry's own documents appear to indicate that the MPH will be a toll road. The MPH construction budget document shows that the $1.2 billion cost includes tolling equipment (lights and cameras) like that used on Highway 407. Also, a little known route option (E) was discounted because it wasn't feasible to charge a toll on that particular route.

Do we really need another toll highway?

- Susan McMaster - Flamborough


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