Some scary implications

May 23, 2003 The Hamilton Spectator, letters to the Editor. RE: 'Smart' transit legislation

Are you aware, really aware, of what's happening within Ontario's supposedly forward-thinking, so-called "smart transportation act"?

The theme song should be "do it our way, or else." There are some seriously scary implications buried in this so-called "smart transportation act."

Has anyone taken note of the fact that there is a "limitation on remedies" section that would appear to be aimed at killing an action such as the one the City of Burlington is contemplating with regard to the government's proposed mid-peninsula highway?

It truly appears aimed to set aside any and all actions, regardless of whether they were commenced before this bill comes into force or not.

Also, the Ontario government seems to be doing something weird with expropriation (saying that it's not expropriation when done under this act).

Have we sold our democratic rights? How many more Ontarians will now rethink how they will vote? Is Premier Ernie Eves aware of this situation and if so, why is he allowing it to happen? Are we not allowed to see, review and through input, vote on "our" direction any more?

Not to mention the fact that these provisions were buried in a bill that the media covered as a plan to establish "smart cards" for transit and high-occupancy vehicle lanes.

Is "smart" really smart?

-- Robert Beyette, Campbellville.

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