'Trust me' doesn't cut it

Cambridge Reporter - Tuesday March 25, 2003
Robert Beyette

Why is it during elections, candidates say "trust me?" These coming elections are no different. It really doesn't boil down to important issues or policy platforms. It appears we elect whom we feel we can trust the most. The problem is what is promised before an election seems to change after an election.

We have to turn the "trust me" statements into measurable scorecards for politicians. When these politicians come a knocking get them to sign an "ARCH" document that states more about how they will act if elected than what they will stand for if elected. The ARCH principle bridges the gap between the far right and the far left of political focus and is the simple guiding principle for best-of-kind politicians in general:

A = Accountable, to accomplish what we've agreed to accomplish - issue actual scorecards.

R = Responsible for our actions. We move as directed by Ontarians and not to selective agendas.

C = Creditable, for we do what we say and if we don't, we leave (not waiting to be asked to leave).

H = Honourable, for we lead by example and walk the talk of decency and show respect for all.

We understand that being elected is having the trust and respect of the public. We accept that if we break this bond of trust, we will leave our elected function of our own free will, as we have broken this bond.

Many recent polls have shown that Ontarians have lost faith in our political system and have little if any trust for our politicians. The statement "trust me" by those who will soon be a knocking just doesn't cut it anymore.

We need to forget about those that have done little and now look to those that can do what needs doing. We need elected representatives that practice the ARCH principle, have strength to stand for what is right, have tenacity to getting the job done and most importantly, represent the people that have elected them.

My suggestion is when the politicians come a knocking, let's measure them to the ARCH principle.

Robert Beyette

Campbellville, Ont.


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