Fast food isn't prosperity

RE: 'New highway is a road to prosperity' (Jan. 30).
The Hamilton Spectator - Letters to the Editor
Feb. 1, 2003

I can see the enormous economic development this writer anticipates along the path of the proposed mid-peninsula highway: Wendy's (or McDonald's), Tim Hortons and Esso every 100 meters or so both ways.

Let's just blast away unique geological formations in the escarpment such as karsts, cracking the caves before our children have the chance to see them. Let's cut the route of wildlife to water. Let's chop down 100,000 trees. Who would want to save them in the face of such prosperity?

This writer declares: "Claims of environmental disaster are simply not credible." Look at the impact on wildlife of the TransCanada pipeline, which is less than 200 meters wide, in the Canadian north. But they were just caribou.

Piroska Eva Farkas, Hamilton.


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