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Letters to the Editor - Jan. , 2003

Dear Editor and fellow Canadians:

Re: the Proposed southern Ontario mid-peninsula highway.

Ensuring that all viable alternatives to the proposed southern Ontario mid-peninsula highway are fully environmentally, professionally and cost effectively considered - we demand an all-encompassing win/win/win solution, not a political and possibly a financial-friends patronizing solution.

Environmental and taxpayer investment yardsticks must happen. This is not a choice, it is a taxpayers' (stakeholders') right. As a taxpayer and voter in Ontario, I am deeply disturbed that our rights as citizens are not being heard, let alone being addressed. Whilst our government describes the expansion of the Environment Assessment process to look at three possible routes as "responding to public concern," this action has clearly shown that they have not listened when advised by taxpayers and voters (the public), by municipalities and regions and by groups like COPE that a new highway corridor is not the best option to deal with future congestion in the Niagara area.

They have been given detailed input on alternatives such as rail, public transit improvements, improvement to existing roadways, more strategic and efficient use of existing corridors, etc. I personally have reviewed and have detected zero evidence to date that any of this valuable input has even been heard, let alone considered.

It appears a hidden agenda shadows all viable environmental and financial options.

Why is this being allowed? If our elected officials are not listening to us, who are they listening to?

There is a growing focused army of distressed voters and taxpayers (the silent majority) that are banding together and stating that we will not be hoodwinked or pressured by our public servants. It is our country, our province and our region, as it is our congestion problem.

We want to and will solve it together.

I trust we have elected responsible leadership, not a quasi dictatorship. Please demonstrate that my trust was, and still is, correctly placed. I need to see and hear positive proof that we are now being heard.

Please show me this.

With sincere respect, Robert (Bob) A. Beyette, Campbellville.

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